...of WiFi through promotions events and best offers of the day!

Who we are


Creating advertising space where it never existed before through the usage of modern technologies and existing WiFi networks.


To take significant role in the Internet advertising business in the region and wider.



How does the system work?

When signing in with a WiFi network, the user will be shown your advertisement across the whole screen of his device. During an advertising campaign, the number of changes of your WiFi billboard is indefinite. You send it to us, we show the people what you want them to see, it’s that simple! Also, you can show different advertisements on different locations. And, for all aforementioned, you can get Google Analytics statistical data in real time, as well as in the regular reports arriving to your designated email address.

Who is this service for?

I like your concept and I would like to advertise my service or product through your system?


Why to use our system?

We offer the most precise user targeting (only shown within the premises of known geographical locations).

Advertisement is shown across the whole screen regardless of the device type or screen size.

Number of changes to your advertisement is infinite and completely free.

Advertisement is shown to the clients already willing to spend – consumers in bars and restaurants.

Statistics is available on daily basis through Google Analytics in real time.

We will help you adjust your advertisement to our format.

Advertisement must be viewed to access the Internet.

Your advertisement will be viewed by as many users as you want.

Constant tracking of users’ needs and wishes as well as adaptation to the current and demanded market trends.

The advertisement is viewed by users of modern technologies – mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

Advertisement alteration is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Statistika dostupna na dnevnom nivou preko Google Analytics u realnom vremenu.

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